Born: 18th of May 2005
HD-A /ED 0-0. eyes cleared '07./ Optigen A.
1 CC ticket in UK
4th. Openclass Winner Amsterdam '07 & Wijchen Openclass
RCC ticket Uden

At the showcirquit and Worldshow in Stockholm Ted does very well
A nice 4th. place given by Anthonie Allen and a nice 3rd. place at the Worldshow
given by Erica Jayes, lots of thanks to both judges.

At the Worldshow, shown by his breeder Fiona Braddon

*Sh.Ch. Tapeatom Gadding Around At Sandylands*
*Trendlewood Beautiful Day*

*Ted* is a nice and gentle dog with lots of humor and a wonderful caracter

We would like to thank Fiona and Derek Braddon Trendlewood
for their trust and letting us have
this wonderful boy

Ted's Pedigree Blank pedigree  

Sh.Ch. Tapeatom Gadding Around At Sandylands 2091CL (Yellow)    Sh.Ch. Sandylands Gad-About 0579CG (Yellow) Ch. Sandylands My Guy 0703BA (black)
Sh.Ch. Sandylands Bliss 5392CA (yellow)
Tapeatom Lucy Locket (JDC) 2036CJ (yellow)Lapema's Leo of Sandylands 2492CH (yellow)
Tapeatom Busy Lizzy (JDC) (yellow)
Trendlewood Beautiful Day (yellow)
Cremino Corn Barley (yellow)
Donacre High Marks 2728CD (yellow)
Kimacre Nancy Jane At Cremino (yellow)
Trendlewood Double Silk 2019 CG (yellow)Ch. Sandylands My Guy 0703BZ (black)
Trendlewood Reine 1416 CF (black)